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QIE Partners® is pronounced as “Key Partners.”  We are a mortgage servicing consulting firm specializing in customized solutions to support your mortgage servicing operations. Our primary services are investor reporting, custodial bank reconciliations, and Fannie Mae Shortage/Surplus reconciliations.

We tailor our services based on your unique loan portfolio, staffing challenges, and servicing system.  When you need support, QIE Partners is here to help!

Our Primary Services

Mortgage Servicing Investor Reporting


QIE Partners utilizes our client’s servicing system reports and access to the investor’s systems, combined with our team’s expertise to report single-family mortgages to investors for our clients.  We report all remittance types for these investors:

  • Ginnie Mae
  • Fannie Mae
  • Freddie Mac
  • Private Investors

We provide a team concept to meet tight reporting deadlines and resolve investor edit errors. We work directly with our clients to attain the highest investor ratings.

QIE Partners also offers customized solutions to report unique, non-standard loan portfolios to investors.


Custodial Bank Reconciliations


QIE Partners delivers reconciliations to our clients in an Excel format. Each file contains the required investor forms and supporting documentation.  We present the information in a clear and logical manner.

QIE Partners specializes in reconciliations for investor:

  • Principal and Interest “P&I” custodial accounts
  • Taxes and Insurance “T&I” custodial accounts.

QIE Partners completes a QC for each reconciliation as part of our process. We host interactive meetings to go through the reconciliations, discuss root causes, and resolving reconciling items.





Fannie Mae Reconciliations


Fannie Mae requires mortgage servicers to complete these monthly reconciliations:

  • Schedule 1 – Reconciliation of Mortgage Portfolio
  • Schedule 2 – Reconciliation of Interest Rate/Pass-Through Rate
  • Schedule 3 – Shortage/Surplus Reconciliation

QIE Partners uses sound and proven methodologies to identify all outages, track aged items, and capture action steps to resolve issues.

Our team’s experience working with Fannie Mae loans is second to none!


Additional Services

Audit Services

QIE Partners provides audit services to assist Internal Audit teams.  Under the direction of the company’s auditors, QIE Partners reviews the reporting, remitting, and reconciliations for the specified investors or loans.

We deliver a detailed report in the client’s preferred format with all out-of-compliance findings and we can provide recommendations for improved controls and process changes.

Our clients find that we provide the technical expertise that is required to meet regulatory and investor requirements, since we fully understand the nuances of the various types or reporting and reconciliations.

Operational Reviews

QIE Partners offers operational reviews for all areas of Investor Accounting.  We begin with a data request for information.  On-site, we meet with managers and key staff members to review processes and controls.

We deliver an Executive Summary and a detailed Gap Analysis with recommendations for improvement.

This service is critical for institutions that are new to mortgage loan servicing or those with inexperienced employees.  Established companies find this service helpful when adding new investors or remittance types, converting to new systems, or those that have had significant audit findings.

Servicing System Conversions

QIE Partners has expertise with the mortgage loan servicing systems that are available in the marketplace.  We assist servicers with varied portfolio sizes transitioning to new servicing systems.

Data mapping and conversion balancing are key requirements.  Our team support goes far beyond that.  QIE Partners helps with problem solving and providing solutions for unique portfolio issues.

We provide pre-conversion testing, assist with data mapping, development and testing of new procedures, go-live support, and post-conversion support for reporting, remitting, and reconciliations.

Acquisition, Transfer, and Sales Support

Multiple companies are engaged to facilitate a loan transfer and QIE Partners has expertise and experience to work with all parties on behalf of our client.  This includes loan acquisitions and sales, and loan transfers to- or-from other servicers or sub-servicers.

We provide advisory oversight, subject matter expertise, and hands-on support to facilitate successful transfers.

As part of this service, QIE Partners offers project management, data mapping assistance, portfolio and investor balancing, and P&I settlements.

Our Mission


Our mission is to provide the highest level of Quality, Integrity, and Expertise through personalized customer service using our proven methodologies for companies that service mortgage loans.



About Us


Our roots began in 1993 through Mortgage Dynamics Inc., a mortgage banking consulting firm based in McLean, VA.  At MDI, we formed the Investor Accounting Center and provided investor accounting project assistance and outsourcing support to over 100 clients.

In April 2011, Melanie Smith started QIE Partners in the Denver, Colorado area to focus on investor reporting, custodial bank recons, Fannie Mae reconciliations, and closely related areas.  All of our team members are W-2 employees working from within the USA.  QIE Partners does not use contract workers.


Our Clients

 Currently we provide services to commercial banks, credit unions, community banks, and independent mortgage companies in the USA.

Most of our work is with government agency single-family mortgage loans, but we do work with private investor portfolios as well.

QIE Partners maintains confidentiality with all our clients.

When You Need Help

Every company is unique!  Here are some reasons why companies reached out to QIE Partners.


  • Unable to reconcile custodial bank accounts or shortage/surplus reconciliations.
  • System conversion clean-up after servicing system provider and independent consultants could not resolve numerous issues.
  • Selling non-conforming loans to agency investors without client’s servicing system support.
  • Unfavorable investor or external audit results.

 Staffing Needs

  • Staff left suddenly due to resignation or illness
  • Client located in smaller city or town and unable to find technical expertise.
  • Single staff member completes investor reporting, remitting, and reconciliations leaving the company without segregation of duties and controls.

Strategic Initiatives

  • Client moving loans from sub-servicer to in-house servicing operations.
  • Processing hundreds of Ginnie Mae loan buyouts for the first time.
  • Start-up of agency servicing – requiring staff training, policies and procedures.
  • Subject matter expertise for IT development.
  • Clean-up effort before loan servicing is marketed for sale.


Learn More

Contact QIE Partners to discuss your unique and confidential situation. Click below to email our management team or call us at 303-808-5878.